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  • How to Curve Text in InDesign

    If you’re looking for a design technique that allows you to create visually interesting and dynamic layouts you should use the curve text in InDesign. Curving text can be used to create a sense of movement or flow in a design, such as around a circle or along a diagonal line. It can also be […]

  • How to Change Page Size in InDesign

    Occasionally, you might find yourself needing to change the page size in InDesign. The ability to change page sizes is an important aspect of design because it allows designers to create layouts that are tailored to specific dimensions and requirements. For instance, a designer may need to change the page size to create a brochure […]

  • How to Highlight Text in InDesign

    I find that highlighting text in InDesign is useful for a variety of reasons. It can be used to draw attention to specific words or phrases, such as headings, important quotes, or key information. Text highlights can also be used to indicate changes or revisions in a document, making it easier for editors or reviewers […]

  • How to Make a Triangle in InDesign

    In InDesign, triangles can be used for a variety of design elements such as arrowheads, bullet points, or shapes to create visual interest in a layout. They can also be used to create geometric patterns, as well as to divide or emphasize specific areas of a design. Triangles also have the advantage of being a […]

  • How to Change Text Color in InDesign

    I find that I often have to change text color whenever I’m working on a project in InDesign. Changing the color of text helps make your document look more vibrant and eye-catching. With just a few clicks, you can easily adjust the text to any color you like, allowing you to create stunning visual effects. […]

  • How to Underline Text in InDesign

    Underlining text in InDesign can be very helpful for accentuating certain words or making sections of your document stand out. With InDesign, you can quickly and easily underline any text you’d like with just a few clicks. We’ll show you easy steps to underline any text in your InDesign document. How to Underline Text in […]

  • How to Link Text Boxes in InDesign

    The link text box feature in InDesign helps you to keep your text organized and make sure it displays correctly. This can be particularly useful when dealing with long documents that span multiple pages. Linking also allows you to create a single chain of connected text boxes, making it easy to move content around or […]

  • How to Package an InDesign File

    If you’re sending your InDesign document to a colleague, client or the printers, it’s important to package the file. This will ensure that all the linked elements in your document are contained in one convenient folder, ready to be sent. Packaging an InDesign file is a great way to ensure the integrity of your design […]

  • How to Save InDesign as PDF

    Exporting files from InDesign as PDFs is a great way to ensure they stay secure and maintain the original structure and formatting. PDFs also provide an easy way to view and share documents with others, as most people are familiar with the format and can easily open them. Most importantly, PDFs are small in size […]

  • Overset Text in InDesign: Meaning and Fixes

    Overset Text in InDesign is text that does not fit within the boundaries of a given text box. This can happen if the text box is too small to contain the amount of text you are trying to fit, or if you adjust the font size without resizing the text box. When you fill the […]