Category: Illustrator

  • How to Warp Text in Illustrator

    Warp Text is a feature in design software that allows the user to manipulate the shape of text, often by distorting or bending it to fit a certain design. This can be achieved through the use of various tools and settings, such as the Warp tool in Illustrator. This feature is commonly used for creating […]

  • How to Curve Text in Illustrator

    Curving text allows you to create unique, interesting designs by manipulating the shape of the text to fit a specific design element. This can add an extra level of visual interest to your designs. I’ve personally found that curving text helps me to make better use of space in a design, especially when working with […]

  • How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator

    One of the essential tools for making vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator is the Pen Tool. The Pen Tool is quite cool and can be used for various tasks. The Pen Tool, which can be found in the Toolbar, is also the most potent drawing tool in Adobe Illustrator. The Pen Tool may be used […]

  • How to Change Canvas Size in Illustrator

    Changing the canvas size in Adobe Illustrator is a straightforward process for most users. This feature allows you to adjust the dimensions of your artwork or design. This can be useful for various reasons, such as adapting a design to fit a specific size requirement or simply giving yourself more space to work with. In […]

  • How to Make Dashed Lines in Illustrator

    The main concept of the segment tool is to drag the line from a starting point on the artboard to an ending position. The Line Segment Tool is the simplest method for drawing a straight line in Illustrator. To make a straight line on the artboard, choose the tool from the toolbar while holding down […]

  • How to Make a Heart in Illustrator

    Different designers use different methods to create heart shapes in Illustrator. There are several ways to create a heart shape in Adobe Illustrator, but one common method is to use the Pen Tool to draw the shape manually. The other method which I’ll show you in detail is using the rectangle tool to create a […]

  • How to Trace an Image in Illustrator

    Tracing an image in Illustrator is useful for converting a raster image, such as a photograph, into a vector image. The image can then be edited and resized without losing quality. This comes in very handy when creating logos, illustrations, and other designs that need to be used in different contexts and at different sizes. […]

  • How to Cut Shapes in Illustrator

    As an avid Illustrator user, I’ve found that cutting shapes can be useful for creating complex designs by breaking down a larger shape into smaller, more manageable pieces. I also use the function to remove parts of a shape that are not needed or to create new shapes by combining different parts of existing shapes. […]

  • What Are Artboards in Illustrator?

    Illustrator Artboards is one of the features that make Illustrator worth it. Apart from organizing and separating different design elements within a single file, which can help to keep your work organized and make it easier to navigate. Artboards can also be used to create multiple versions or variations of a design within a single […]

  • How to Embed Images in Illustrator

    When incorporating images into illustrator, there are two ways to place them. First, you can place them as a linked image where the image has been included along with the illustrator file or as an embedded image where the image becomes part of the illustrator file. I’ll show you the methods I use to embed […]