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  • How to Shade in Krita

    Shading is a critical aspect of digital art creation, as it adds depth and dimension to your illustrations and paintings. Krita provides a range of tools for creating realistic and stylized shading effects. It allows you to add subtle shadows to your artwork or create bold and dramatic shading effects and bring your digital creations […]

  • How to Move Selection in Krita

    If you use Krita a lot, you might find that you need to move elements around a lot. You can use Krita to effortlessly shift, adjust and reposition elements within your artwork with ease. Do you have questions regarding how to move a specific selection? This article is equipped with comprehensible steps on how you […]

  • How to Change Font in Krita

    If you want to enhance the look and feel of your digital artwork, you should change up the font of your Krita projects. With Krita’s text editing tools, you can change the font and adjust other formatting options such as size, color, and alignment. By learning how to change the font in Krita, you’ll have […]

  • How to Make Brushes in Krita

    Making brushes in Krita is a key skill for digital artists looking to expand their toolset and create unique and personalized brushes. With its powerful brush engine, Krita allows you to create custom brushes from scratch, modify existing brushes, or import brushes from other sources. By learning how to make brushes in Krita, you’ll be […]