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  • How to Keep Slack Active

    Staying active in Slack lets your team know you are available to receive and respond to messages faster. Slack detects your status based on how often you interact on the platform.  Your profile reads active when you interact consistently, but your team will know you are away when you take some time off. How do […]

  • How to Leave a Slack Workspace

    Being a member in too many workspaces could get overwhelming, especially if you’re not an active member. Your best option is not to ignore those workspaces but to leave them. Due to the unique nature of Slack, the process of leaving a workspace isn’t as simple as other platforms, and that’s why we have written […]

  • How to Delete a Slack Channel

    When a channel outlives its purpose, you either keep or delete it. You should delete a channel if you don’t need it for anything else. This will help you keep your workspace organized.  This guide will reveal the different ways to delete a Slack channel. Follow the steps carefully. Here’s how to Delete a Slack […]

  • How to Create a Slack Channel

    The pandemic has changed the way we work, leading to an increase in remote work. Many platforms have become more popular as a result and Slack hasn’t slacked in this regard. Slack offers freelancers, remote workers, and teams alike the platform to connect and collaborate.  If you are an entrepreneur or a team leader tasked […]