Color Match on Procreate

How to Color Match on Procreate

You might be wondering if there’s a method to extract a color sample from your image to use it to paint and draw in other places when using Procreate for the iPad to work with pictures and paintings. You’re in luck, though, because this is easier to solve than you might think.

Color Matching on Procreate

Let’s go over how you can color match using procreate. So, let’s say you have an example image opened up, and you want to sample some colors from the image. There are two ways to do this. Let’s go over them.

Method 1: Using Your Pencil

The first way to do this is by using the little square icon on the left side of your screen between the two brush sliders. Once you tap on the icon, you’ll see a disc on your canvas. You can take your pencil and drag it around the canvas to locate the part of the image you’ll like to match its color.

Pencil Icon on Procreate

Now the way the ring works is the color on the bottom of the Ring represents the color you already had selected in the top right corner of your color picker, and the color on top of the Ring represents the new color that’s going to be sampled from the image.

Procreate color picker

As you move the ring around the canvas, the top of the ring will keep changing its color based on where you place the cursor, and the crosshair in the middle of the Ring represents the pixel that will be chosen on the image.

Procreate color picker

Once you find a color that you like, you could just place it over it, and you can just let go, and you will have the color selected up there, and you can work with that color like that. That’s one way in which you can color match.

Method 2: Using Your Finger

The easier way is to color matches by simply holding a tap with your finger. So let’s say, for example, you want to grab a sample selection of a particular color on the loaded image. You could hold it up with your finger, and now, the color picker will come up, and you can pick your color.

This will be ideal if you want to use your finger, as this method doesn’t work with your pencil. So, you have to use your finger for this. It is probably the quickest way to do things, but if you don’t like working with your fingers or prefer to keep using the pencil the whole time, you’re probably better off using the first method.

Why Color-Matching is Important

The color match feature on Procreate is a great feature to use when trying to get an exact color in a picture.

How Does Procreate Handle Color Pickers?

Similar tools are available in the iPad drawing program, Procreate, but they are not immediately apparent. Nevertheless, with a little assistance, you’ll be able to use Procreate’s color features confidently. Additionally, you can hasten the coloring process by combining the paint bucket and color picker tools in Procreate.

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How Many Colors In Procreate Are Editable?

By altering the proportions of the colors in your artwork, you can correct or stylize your color scheme. On-screen colors are made up of a combination of the primary colors red, green, and blue. Over sixteen million different colors are possible by variously combining these three values.

How Does The Procreate App Save Color Values?

The color circle in the top menu will appear when you drag this over the color you want to sample. The options will become visible if you tap the color circle. Then, color values can be saved by tapping a white square in the Color Palette screen.

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Final Thoughts

Understanding how to color match in Procreate is as easy as making hand movements because of the well-designed user interface. Additionally, a backup choice is offered so you may compare the two and decide which is better for your particular routine.

Color matching is attainable by holding a tap with your index finger if you only use one hand and don’t want to use the other. However, hitting the Modify button with the forefinger of your other hand will allow you to continue color matching if you don’t want to stop using the all-powerful pencil.





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