Category: Adobe XD

  • How to Crop in Adobe XD

    Adobe XD is a prevalent software for designing and prototyping digital interfaces, such as websites, mobile applications, and desktop software. A fundamental attribute of Adobe XD is its proficiency in cropping images and graphics within designs, providing a neat and sophisticated layout. Cropping within Adobe XD is a straightforward process, and we will take you […]

  • How to Scroll in Adobe XD

    As creators, we aspire to present our audience with the most comprehensive content possible. In light of the latest advancements in device form factors, which continue to shrink in size, scrolling has become an essential component of any website or application. Without scrolling capabilities, the users’ ability to access details and media present in the […]

  • How to Add Font to Adobe XD

    Adobe Fonts, formerly known as Typekit, presents a comprehensive collection of fonts available within Adobe XD to facilitate brand identity design. Nonetheless, there may be occasions where external fonts are required to harmonize with your brand guidelines and make a lasting impression on your customers. Choosing the right font is an integral aspect of any […]