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How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Teeth whitening is one of the most frequent changes you’ll ever perform while retouching photographs. You’ll discover how to whiten teeth in this article without affecting your original photo or making a selection.

Additionally, almost any version of Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements supports this technique. (For those interested, you can accomplish this in Aperture, Lightroom, and Pixelmator but not in iPhoto or Photos).

Photoshop Teeth Whitening Techniques

So what exactly is whitening? The undesirable tint on the teeth is eliminated during whitening. It is typically yellow.

In Photoshop, there are various ways to whiten teeth. We will cover how to achieve this by playing around with the vibrance.

How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Perhaps you already have a picture to edit in your possession. Alternatively, you could just download a picture of someone with teeth that have a slight yellow tint.

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Making An Adjustment Layer Is the First Step

Adjustment layer photoshop

Click on the circle icon at the bottom of the properties box. Select Vibrance from the list of all the layers that appears. Now, let’s briefly explain what “vibrance” means.

Similar to saturation for the mid-tones is vibrancy. This indicates that it will only affect the mid-tones. In this instance, the mid-tones contain yellow.

Step 2 Is to Lower the Vibrancy

lower vibrancy photoshop

When you choose vibrance, two lines at the top with pointers in the middle will appear. Then, to reduce the vibrance, move the pointer to the left in the vibrance line. You should actually follow the arrow all the way to zero. The yellow will also go.

The issue now is that the yellow that naturally exists in other places will likewise vanish along with the yellow on the teeth. You need to take a couple more actions to get there.

Masking Is the Third Step

masking function Photoshop

You must choose the Mask since you only want to focus the effect on the teeth. So, press Command I or Ctrl-A.

If you don’t know what masking is, know that black hides and white shows everything. Keep in mind that the layer’s effect won’t appear whenever there is black. White will also be visible if it is present.

Take the brush tool at this point, and make sure the program color is white. To achieve the ideal result, zoom in and reduce the brush size.

This tactic will stop the editing from having an impact on the gum. Therefore, when operating on teeth, you must be careful around the teeth.

You can slightly increase the flow because unintentional touches over gums will cause color loss. You can change the flow to 200 to only whiten teeth.

Once more, we are merely whitening them rather than brightening them. Look at the before and after images after that. You can tell the difference this way. You can intensify the hue to make it more effective.

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Eliminating the gum’s Effect is the Fourth Step

fix gummy smile photoshop

You can cover up any inadvertent overstretching of the gum. Take the brush for it, then choose the Mask. You will notice that the true color has vanished after going over the teeth.

As a result, if you zoom in to examine the gums closely, they will appear unnatural. You can slightly paint the gums to take care of that.

You need to add a bit extra white paint to the gums to repair them. There is always the keyboard shortcut available. In order to switch between the backdrop and foreground, hit X.

Make the foreground color black at this point. It can then be painted after that. You can restore the original hue in this manner.

Making it More Vibrant Is The Fifth Step

vibrance Photoshop

You can recheck the before and after to increase the vibrance. Then, choose the arrow icon (vibrance) next to the back layer on the layer by going there. The vibrance line will then appear in the properties panel after that.

Next, follow the vibrance line’s left-pointing arrow. How white you want your teeth to be will determine how much of it you keep.

Overall, using Photoshop is the ideal method to quickly remove the yellow from teeth without making any difficult selections! Use the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer’s tremendous capacity to target and adjust colors for the most realistic outcomes.


You can quickly change and whiten any set of teeth using the techniques described above for how to whiten teeth in Photoshop. Furthermore, the whitening would not detract in any way from the original image. If there is one technique for teeth whitening that you absolutely must have in your Photoshop toolbox, it is this one. Get started right away!






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