How to do Slow Mo on Capcut

Adding slow motion effects to your videos can be a great way to draw the viewer’s attention to important details or create a dreamlike atmosphere. With CapCut, it’s easy to add dramatic slow-mo to your clips without a lot of experience or technical know-how. In this quick guide, we’ll explore how to use the slow motion feature in CapCut and get creative with your projects. Let’s get started!

How to do Slow Mo on Capcut

Insert a Video on Capcut.

Insert Video into CapCut

After Importing videos, click on the Video Clip.

Now we will select the section where I want to slow down the video. Play your video and keep the playhead and do the Split. After that, click on Speed.

Then move from 1x, which is normal speed, to 0.1x speed. And click on Smooth Better Quality.

Smooth Better Quality in CapCut

Then click on the ticksymbol. Smooth slow motion will be applied within a few seconds.

Tick Symbol in CapCut

Now your 1.6 sec clip becomes 15.75 seconds. Play and see your slow-mo clip.

After completing your slow-mo editing, click on the arrow at the top to save it to your gallery. 

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CapCut Slow-Mo Editing
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What are Slow Mo Videos?

Slow-motion videos are stretched-out shots that move more slowly than usual. The effect has been used for years in movies and music videos to highlight a shot. It’s excellent for giving a video a dramatic mood and enhancing its atmosphere and aesthetic attractiveness.

Concerning social media videos, slo-mo has a different meaning. Videos with specific slow-motion scenes are referred to as slow-mo videos on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Examples, where slow-motion videos are used, include dancing videos where the slow-motion effects are used to emphasize the dancer’s body movement. Many of these slow-motion videos have eye-catching physical impacts. Are you enjoying this article? What if I told you that you can get so much better at editing using CapCut. Check out our in-depth article on how to get CapCut templates.

Slow-mo Videos: Why are They Important? 

Slow-motion video is not a recent trend. Since its invention in the early 20th century, the slow-motion effect has been used in everything from silent movies to sports reels and even action flicks. Below are some reasons why slow-motion videos are useful. 

  • Suspense Creation 

Slow-motion footage causes tension to grow while viewers wait for the action’s culmination. The viewer will be more attentive to the film than they would be if it were being played at standard speed because of the suspenseful buildup. This increases the effects that watching the slow-motion video may have on viewers.

  • Capturing Audience Attention 

Anticipation grows when the video slows down at the appropriate time and accelerates at other times. This is one of the advantages of slow-mo. Your audience’s attention will be captured and held for a longer period by your slow-motion film if the speed of the action is carefully chosen.

  • Focus 

To draw attention to the video’s most crucial elements, you can change the speed at which it plays. You may make the video focus on the parts of the video you want the viewers to see first and foremost by slowing down the frames per minute. This helps accentuate the crucial points that you want the viewers to pick up on within the video.

  • Adding Dimension

The slow-motion effect is a fantastic approach to give an action scene more depth and intensify the tension. Consider the brutality of The Matrix and the spectacular fight scenes in the 300. The slow motion that was used in those movies adds to the reason why they are so popular. 

  • Observations of Natural Phenomena

If you wish to photograph a natural occurrence, your trusted companion is in slow motion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to capturing natural beauty in slow motion. Whether it is raging mountain rivers or creatures in motion, slow motion has got you covered.

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