How to Create a Poll in Slack

When every member has a voice, a team may achieve more than the sum of its parts. As a result, many managers frequently consult with their team before making critical choices on the course of business. Through its polling applications, the most well-known of which is Polly, Slack provides a terrific approach to assist you in learning where other people stand on something. You may also utilize Slack’s emoji message responses for this if you don’t want to install any plugins.

You may construct simple, impromptu polls by using emoji reactions manually. Polly, on the other hand, is a specialized poll plugin for Slack that makes poll creation easy and is also packed with features.

We’ll discuss various techniques for creating polls on Slack in this article. These techniques include using the “Polly” Slack app, the “Simple Poll” tool, and the emoji section.

Using Simple Poll

How to Install Slack’s “Simple Poll” App

Open your workplace dashboard after logging into Slack. Click the ellipsis (three-dotted icon) in the top-left corner of your dashboard as it loads, then select “Apps.”

slack simple poll

Enter “simple poll” into the search field when the app menu opens. You will be sent to the app store page after clicking “add.”

add simple poll app

Then click “Add to Slack.”

add to slack

Follow the prompt, which includes confirming your email address. After that, enter the details for your workplace and then click “continue.”

click continue

The poll app extension will load on your Slack dashboard after you click “continue to Slack.”

slack simple poll set up

You will then be sent to your dashboard, where the simple poll app extension can be found in the lower-left corner.

redirecting to simple poll
simple poll added to slack apps

Creating a ‘Simple Poll’

Select the simple poll app add-on. On the extension, you will see a list of polls; scroll down to check if the poll you want is present; if not, click “create a poll.”

select simple pool and click 'create a poll'

A tab where you may input your chosen question and choices opens up when you click on it.

fill in poll info

To see additional options that can help you better describe your poll, scroll down. Among these elements are;

  • Make Poll Anonymous
  • Allow options from others
select poll anonymity

Then, before running your poll, click on the preview to see it in action. If you are happy with it, you can start the poll by selecting “create a poll” or you can go back and make further changes by selecting “back”.

create poll

The channel you choose for the poll will then send you a notification. To load the poll that you just made, open the notification.

turn on poll notification

So there you have it—the basic steps for creating a Slack poll.

Using Emojis

To send a message, choose a channel and click the message area. Enter the poll question first. Select the blockquote option (shown below) and include the matching emojis with your poll choices.

emoji poll creation

Reply to the message with the identical two emojis used in the preceding stage once each to provide the channel members voting buttons.

voting buttons on slack

Using Polly to Create a Poll

Installing the Polly App

In the left column of the Slack application, select “More.”

installing polly app

Select “Apps” from the menu now.

select app to install new apps on slack

Enter “Polly” into the search bar. Then, on the search results page, select “Add” next to Polly.

search for app and click add

The Polly app page will then be opened in your browser by Slack. Just click “Add to Slack” at this stage.

poll app

After that, click “Allow” to give Polly the required rights.

click allow

Using the Polly app to create a poll

Type “/polly create” into a Slack chat by clicking on it (without parentheses). Next, press the Send button or enter.

Type "/polly create" into a Slack chat

Following that, the “Create a Polly” window will appear. Choose a poll type, enter your poll question, and then type the poll options with a line break between them.

Choose a poll type, enter your poll question

The remaining parameters may be adjusted by scrolling down. The poll has several scheduling options, anonymous replies are possible, and more. While some of these can be implemented by simply checking the box, others require your approval by pressing “Submit.”

select poll anonymity and time

Once finished, click “Send.”

Note: You could then be prompted to obtain a shareable URL for the poll. By utilizing this link, anyone outside the organization can vote. You just need to click “Cancel” if you don’t need it.

cancel poll in slack

Rounding Up

Creating polls on Slack is an excellent method to get input and effectively decide as a group quickly. You can quickly design and personalize your polls by following the straightforward instructions provided in this article, and you can even add them to particular channels to target your chosen audience.

Keep in mind to ask succinct, pertinent questions, and offer inclusive, appropriate responses. To increase clarity and promote intelligent replies, you may also provide context or other information in your polls.

You may improve team decision-making and expedite communication by using the power of Slack polls.