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How to Fix Can’t Move The Folder in The Same Location

Windows 10 continues to have issues. When attempting to move the user folder to a different location, one issue is a lengthy warning that states, “Can’t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location that can’t be redirected.” We will talk more about this and how to fix it. Keep reading.

Can’t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location that can’t be redirectedWhat Causes This Error?

This issue typically happens when a user maps a personal folder to a different personal folder after moving the personal folder to a new location. And the values do not return to normal when they return it.

If you cannot move the “Documents” folder from OneDrive and a personal folder named “Documents” is assigned to “Videos,” for instance, the error message won’t show up.

Sometimes, though, a warning will inform you that if you proceed with the redirect, you won’t be able to return it to its original location.

Windows cannot reverse this modification on its own, which is why this is happening. Fortunately, you can manually fix this problem by following the instructions below.

Method 1: OneDrive Option

OneDrive is a cloud storage offered by Microsoft, whereby storing files has been made as easy as saving them on our PC. A folder is created, and all we need to do is link our Microsoft account to sync with the files whenever an internet connection has been detected on the computer.

Since Windows OS treats it as a folder (which it is), this error can come from this folder. Below are some of the approaches we can take to tackle this.

Moving The OneDrive Folder

To move your OneDrive folder, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Choose Settings by right-clicking the OneDrive taskbar icon.
  • Under the Account tab, select the Unlink OneDrive button.
  • Go to the File Explorer program.
  • Go to the OneDrive folder and choose it.
  • On the Home tab, select the Move to option.
  • Choose the location option.
  • Click Move after choosing the new place.

Reconnecting Your OneDrive Account

Unquestionably, this is the easiest answer. It is strongly advised that you try this fix first rather than messing with your registry key (which we’ll discuss later in the article).

Shut off all OneDrive-related applications. Ensure that all of the OneDrive files are current. By hitting the OneDrive icon on the taskbar, you can confirm it. You will see that OneDrive has now been updated if it has been updated. Just to be on the safe side, ensure that you synchronize what you have, just in case this isn’t the reason why the error is coming up.

OneDrive Account settings
  • By doing right-clicking on OneDrive, and choose settings.
  • Under the account tab, choose Unlink this PC and then Unlink Account. There will be a brand-new OneDrive window that you may close.
  • Switch off your computer.
  • Open your OneDrive account and log in.
  • Press the sync button to sync. The OneDrive relinking is now complete. The ability to drag and drop folders should now be available.
Unlink PC on OneDrive Account

This error can also be brought on by problems with OneDrive sync if you are unable to migrate your documents folder from OneDrive. Try deactivating your OneDrive account and then connecting it again to see if that helps. You won’t lose any data throughout this process, either.

The Registry Option

The registry may have issues which might potentially result in this error. The following are the steps to alter the registry key:

  • You may type Run or use Windows + R to open the run window.
  • The command to use is regedit. Go to Software after expanding HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  • Go to Windows, then CurrentVersion then expands Microsoft.
  • Navigate to User Shell Folders in Explorer. Double-click the folder you want to move in the window’s right-hand corner. If you are unable to move the Documents folder, right-click it and change the value data to USERPROFILE%Documents.
  • By selecting OK, the registry editor is closed.
  • Switch off your computer.
Registry on OneDrive Account

The annoying “Cannot move the folder because there is a file in the same location that cannot be redirected” notice should no longer appear after that.

The SFC Scan Option

Your system’s corrupted files may potentially be to blame for this problem. The faulty files are scanned by SFC, which also fixes any harm they may have done. To achieve this, stick to the instructions below:

Launch CMD from the Start Menu and run it with administrative privileges.

Enter and run the sfc /scannowsfc/scannow command here.

OneDrive Account

Restart your computer when the procedure is finished, and the problem should be resolved.

The DISM Scan Option

A faulty system image can also bring on this problem if you cannot modify the document folder’s location. You need to conduct the DISM Scan to determine whether a corrupted system image is the cause of this problem.

  • Start the Command Prompt in administrator mode.
  • Here, carry out each of the subsequent commands individually.
  • DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  • DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  • DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Restart your device after you’re finished.

Setting The Default Path

Setting the problematic folder’s default path might also help you resolve the problem. To achieve this, adhere to the instructions provided below.

  • Launch File Explorer, right-click on the problematic folder, and then choose Properties.
  • Click Restore Default under the Location tab.
Default Settings on OneDrive Account

To save the changes, click Apply, followed by OK.


The techniques for debugging the “Can’t move the folder from one location to another location” problem was as follows. The techniques in this article will assist you in fixing the problem if you run into it when attempting to relocate a folder or files from one location to another.

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