How to Use Inkscape on Mac with Xquartz

XQuartz is an open source program that makes it possible to run Inkscape on macOS. With XQuartz installed, users can access all the great features of Inkscape from their Mac computer and create beautiful designs just as if they were using a Windows or Linux machine. In this article, we’ll look at how to get started with XQuartz and Inkscape on macOS so you can start creating amazing visuals.

How to use Xquartz for Inkscape

To Download Xquartz : 

Open the link

To Download click on the down arrow symbol.

Download Xquartz

After installing the XQuartz into your MacBook. Download Inkscape.

Steps 1: Open

Click on Download Now. Select macOS.

Open Inkscape

Step 2: Select DMG file for arm64 architecture.

Selects dmg

Step 3: After clicking on the dmg file, the Downloading process will start.

dmg Download Process

For more information:

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Installing Inkscape With XQuartz on Older Mac Version

If you are using an older version of Mac, you can install an older version of Inkscape. But first, you’ll need to install a helper program called XQuartz before installing Inkscape. Kindly follow the steps below. 

Step 1 

The first thing you need to do is to install XQuartz. Open your web browser and go to the XQuartz website. Next, click XQuartz DMG to download. 

Step 2 

When the download is finished, go to your downloads and open it. When you find the XQuartz.dmg file open it. 

Step 3 

An additional window will open. To start the XQuartz installer, double-click the XQuartz.pkg icon. To complete the installation of XQuartz, adhere to the steps and directions in the installer.

Step 4

You can either restart, shut down or log out of your Mac computer before going to the next step. 

Step 5

Now you need to install Inkscape. Open your web browser and go to Inkscape 0.92.2. Now click the box labeled Mac OSX 10.7 installer. When you click on the box, you will download the DMG file which contains the installer. 

Step 6

Open your Downloads folder in the Finder after the download is complete. Once more, using the Finder’s menu bar, choose Go< Downloads to access this folder. To open the Inkscape DMG file, double-click it.

Step 7

Now click and drag the Inkscape icon to the application’s icon. Doing this will install Inkscape on your Mac. 

Step 8

The next step is to open the Inkscape. You can open Inkscape by double-clicking its icon in the application folder. Open the applications folder by selecting go>applications from the menu bar in the finder. 

Step 9

When Inkscape is opened for the first time, a window appears. When the windows appear, Click OK, since Inkscape is now scanning all the font files on your computer, this could take a while. It won’t take as long to load the next time you launch Inkscape.

Step 10

When Inkscape finally launches, XQuartz will show its user interface. The menu bar will display the name XQuartz but your window’s title bar will read “Inkscape” when Inkscape is operating.

Step 11

Now that Inkscape is open, choose XQuartz>Preferences from the menu bar. 

Step 12

Now click the input tab and configure its settings. 

Step 13

Now click the pasteboard tab and also configure its settings. 

Step 14

Close the preferences, and voila! You are ready to use Inkscape. 

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