Tag: After Effects

  • How to Cut in After Effects

    In After Effects, cutting a video clip is a simple process that can be accomplished by using keyboard shortcuts to split a clip at any point, creating two separate clips. This can be especially useful when working with long footage, allowing you to break it down into smaller, more manageable segments. Cutting a clip can […]

  • How to Move Anchor Point in After Effects

    In After Effects, the anchor point is the point around which all transformations are made. The anchor point can be moved to a different location, allowing you to adjust the position of a layer without affecting its other properties. This can be especially useful when working with complex animations or effects. Mastering how to move […]

  • How to Render in After Effects

    Rendering in After Effects is the final step in the post-production process, where your composition is processed and output into a final video file. This step is essential to ensure that your final product meets the desired quality and format standards. Rendering can take some time depending on the complexity of your composition and the […]

  • How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects – 3 Easy Steps

    Duplicating layers in After Effects is a useful technique when working on complex compositions. It allows you to make a copy of a layer and manipulate it separately from the original, without affecting the latter. This can save you loads of time and effort, as you can reuse the same animation or effect multiple times […]