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How to Delete Layers in Procreate

Knowing how to delete layers in Procreate can be quite useful when designing layouts. Your project will be easier to manage if you remove any unnecessary layers. Using Procreate layers, you may organize your artwork by grouping various components into distinct layers. This makes it simpler to change or delete portions of your artwork and can help you keep track of your progress. We’ll demonstrate how to erase layers in Procreate in this article.

How to Delete a Layer in Procreate

Even while it’s not difficult once you figure it out, a newbie might find this baffling. To erase layers in Procreate, follow these steps:

Open the project first, then select the layer you wish to remove.

You may access the layers panel by touching the two overlapping squares in the upper right corner.

layers on procreate

With the apple pencil or your finger, swipe left on the particular layer you want to erase.

layers on procreate
delete layers on procreate

The layer you needed to remove will be successfully removed once you tap on the delete option.

Why Not Just Hide The Layers?

Even though deleting or undoing any action in any software is important, doing the same action on Procreate has its specific use cases. Let’s say you have an artwork containing so many layers, most of which are dormant. The outer design will not show those other layers when you hide them, but for the sake of properly organizing your files, it is important that you completely remove layers you won’t use anymore, because the more layers you have, the larger the file size of your artwork.

How To Undo A Deleted Layer In Procreate

Let’s help you out in situations when accidentally erase the incorrect layer, which can occasionally happen. To restore a deleted layer in Procreate, follow this single step.

To reverse your previous action, click the back arrow on the left side of the Procreate App. You will restore your layer in this manner. It’s that easy!

Undo A Deleted Layer In Procreate

Selecting and Deleting Multiple Layers

In Procreate, layers frequently include a few or sometimes just one item. Each element may be on a different layer if you need to alter multiple things at once. Sometimes, working with one layer at a time isn’t very efficient. Choosing numerous layers is the ideal solution to this problem. Your edits will appear on each layer once you’ve chosen several. Fortunately, layer selection in Procreate is simple.

Open the Layers panel in Procreate and swipe right on each layer you wish to pick to select them all. It will be featured in vivid blue for your main layer. The other layers you’ve chosen will have dark blue highlights. Repeatedly swipe to the right on each layer to eliminate it from your selection.

Once you get the hang of it, selecting numerous layers in Procreate is quick and simple. If you like, you may even choose all of your layers!

Does Procreate Automatically Saves Files?

The artwork can be automatically saved by Procreate, but only within the program itself, not on your device. The app will record and save all adjustments made with a finger or stylus. You can access the revised sketches and drawings by returning to the gallery and the design.

Can Procreate Be Used To Edit Numerous Layers At Once?

The ideal technique to edit all layers at once in Procreate will rely on your unique workflow and preferences, thus there is no universal solution to this problem. However, employing keyboard shortcuts and organizing your layers into folders are two excellent ways to edit all layers at once with Procreate.

How Can I Delete a Canvas in Procreate?

Click “select” in your Procreate Gallery, choose the canvas or file you want to remove, and then click “remove” to start a new Procreate canvas.

Then, you can start a new canvas by clicking the Plus button in the window’s upper right corner.

Why You’re Finding It Difficult To Delete

There are a few potential causes for why Procreate can prevent you from deleting an object or layer. The most likely explanation is that another layer or object is still using the content of the layer you’re trying to remove. The deleted area might be covered with fresh paint, for instance, if you’re using a brush. In rare circumstances, the items or layers on the canvas may be anchored to other objects or layers, which would result in their movement or disappearance if they were deleted.


Artists now frequently curate their designs, sketches, and drawings using Procreate. If you unintentionally destroyed the files, you can still recover them and continue editing with the help of programs like iMyFone D-Back for iOS.

This software can assist you with file recovery in a few simple steps, saving both your valuable time and data.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind while eliminating layers is that not all layers need to be removed. Only the one(s) you are finished with need to be deleted. This indicates it’s okay to retain your layers at their present





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