Author: Asenge Adeleye

  • How to Save Photos in Lightroom

    After an exciting episode of editing and enhancing the quality of your photograph on Lightroom, the next and final action would be to save your work. This will help you keep track of the magic you have created and share it with the world. This article will guide you into saving your edited photos accurately. […]

  • How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

    It is quite rare for photographers to take a portrait of an individual with the perfect set of teeth, and a not-so-perfect dentition could spur unwanted tints in your photograph. Some people might be insecure about the color of their teeth in photos, and the only way to help them gain confidence is to master […]

  • How to Blur in Lightroom

    Blurring is one of the coolest features of Lightroom. It helps the main concept of your picture pop more and increases the focus on your preferred object or person in the photograph. To improve things, you will achieve a professional result with minimal background distractions. This is undoubtedly the best step-by-step guide if you struggle […]

  • How to Crop in Lightroom

    Lightroom is an exciting platform to transform your pictures into captivating art pieces. Several easy-to-use and cool features enable your photos to stand out and become highly sought-after. Cropping an image is the easiest task you can take in Lightroom. The process might be confusing for beginners, but with well-structured guidelines, you will find cropping […]

  • How to Create a Preset in Lightroom

    One of the exciting features of Lightroom is the capacity to save every modification you’ve made to the various tools in the software. With that, you don’t always have to go through the whole process all the time, but you can edit your photos instantly. How To Create A Preset In Lightroom Below, I’ve outlined […]

  • How to Add Watermark in Lightroom

    Adding a watermark to your image can discourage theft of your intellectual property, although it’s not guaranteed. On the bright side, watermarking your image promotes your brand or business across various social media platforms and promotional websites. Watermarking an image can be quite tedious, especially for beginners. This article contains understandable steps to add watermarks […]

  • How to Blur Background in Lightroom

    Sometimes, more than a camera is needed to give your photograph a dreamy effect. An image with a wide background and lots of elements could leave the point of focus or image concept looking distorted. In this case, a simple blur edit with the help of Lightroom would go a long way. For Lightroom beginners, […]

  • How to Use Lightroom

    If you are in the photography or photo editing newbies category, you might find certain editing software, including Lightroom, quite strange. A glance at the intimidating tools and panels in this useful app might make you feel discouraged. This article is packed with understandable step-by-step guides to making you a pro at using this software. […]

  • How to Add Presets on Lightroom

    Using preset in Lightroom can help you save a lot of your time and create professional-looking photographs. The process of adding a preset is straightforward and this article will help you unlock this exciting feature in Lightroom. How to add presets on lightroom These comprehensible steps will guide you into downloading, uploading and importing presets […]

  • What is a Slack Channel? Easy Guide for Beginners

    As a leader or business owner, you would agree that the success of any team or organization depends on its ability to communicate quickly and effectively. This communication is possible in person or through online platforms such as Slack. One of the most compelling features you can use in Slack is Slack channels. Slack Channels […]