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Hot Drinks

--House Coffee - 8 oz./12 oz. and 16 oz. To-Go
(Rotating Atomic Joe's Coffee Co. Blends)
(16 oz. Whole Bean Bags Available for Purchase)
--Espresso Shots
--Latte - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Cappuccino - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Mocha - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Ghetto Mocha - 12 oz./16 oz.
(made with House Coffee instead of Espresso)
--Le Jef - 8 oz./12 oz./16 oz.
(Maple Syrup added as a sweetener)
--Peanut Butter Mocha - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Oregon Chai Tea - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Chai Tea Caramel Machiato - 12 oz./16 oz.
--Hot Tea - 8 oz./12 oz./16 oz.
(Assorted Varieties of Green, Black, and Tea Fusions)

Drink Additions

--Available Milk: Fat Free, 2%, Whole
--Additional Sauces for $.50
--Additional Syrups for $.50
--Additional Espresso Shot for $.50
--Soy Milk substitute for $.50
--Almond Milk substitute for $.50

Cold Drinks

--Iced Chai Tea - 16 oz.
--Iced Coffee - 16 oz.
--Italian Soda - 20 oz.
(Choose your DaVinci syrup flavor)

Jet Smoothies

--Strawberry Banana

Big Train Blended Drinks

--Vanilla Latte
--Chocolate Mint
--Chocolate Peanut Butter
--Java Chip
--Caramel Latte
--Heath Mocha
--Cake Batter (Coffee-free)
--Cookies 'n Cream (Coffee-free)
--Kidz Kreams: Cotton Candy / Orange Creamsicle

DaVinci Syrups and Sauces

--Chocolate Sauce (*Sugar Free Available)
--White Chocolate Sauce
--Caramel Sauce (*Sugar Free Available)
--Pumpkin Sauce (Seasonal)
--Cookie Dough

Syrups and Sauces (cont.)

--Creme de Menthe
--English Toffee
--Irish Cream
--Peanut Butter
--Toasted Marshmallow
--Habanero (*Limited Specialty Flavor)